HRSoftWorks is very happy to be part of the open source community. Authoxy has benefited greatly from open source software in its development, so it is with pleasure that HRSoftWorks is contributing back to that community.

Authoxy has become quite mature, and is stable at version 3.1.1. To make way for new projects, Authoxy's source code is now in the hands of the world's developers. HRSoftWorks will continue to make bug fixes, and package any changes up into disk image releases, but new features are up to anyone who cares to download and tweak the code.

The Authoxy-Panther project, which is the very code base that Authoxy is built from, is now hosted on SourceForge. So please, if you write code at all yourself, go forth and have a look at the source. Feel free to use the code as allowed by its GPL, and if you have any comments or suggestions at all, email Heath. If you'd like to submit changes, I'll be very happy to review them and if appropriate, merge them with the project. Further, if you would like to become a registered developer on the project, just email with your background and intents.