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Frequently Asked Questions and their answers can be found on this page for Authoxy and Corroboree.

Quick Start Guides


  1. Put Authoxy.prefPane in your PreferencePanes folder in your Library folder.
  2. Start System Preferences and click the Authoxy icon. If it does not open, step 1 wasn't successful.
  3. Fill in your details and click the Start button. If the daemon doesn't start, check the Messages tab.
  4. Back in System Preferences, go to Network instead. Click the Proxies tab for your Internet connection network device.
  5. Set the Web Proxy (http) to, port 8080 (unless you changed the local port number setting in Authoxy).
  6. Run a browser or software update to confirm that you no longer have to authenticate.


  1. Start CorroboreeServer.
  2. Start Corroboree and click the "Initiate" button.
  3. Fill in the details for your Corroboree and select the server from the list which is running CorroboreeServer.
  4. Click Initiate.
  5. Start any additional copies of Corroboree and have them "Join" the newly created Corroboree. The first to Join the Corroboree becomes the Elder.
  6. The Elder has ultimate control to overrule the other Corroborants. Control of the Corroboree however can be passed around using the "Request", "Release", "Cancel" and "Honour" buttons.

If the other avenues have been exhausted and assistance is still required, an email can be sent to the support address.