Corroboree Icon Corroboree v1.0Universal Binary logo
Finally collaboration on the Macintosh has reached the 21st century! If you hold meetings, tutorials, discussion groups, community group meet-ups or otherwise want to collaborate with others, why not take advantage of the power of modern computing and hold a Corroboree? Share a whiteboard, broadcast audio, hold a vote or share part of your screen. Just download one copy of CorroboreeServer and a few copies of Corroboree and start Corroborating!
Requires: Mac OS X 10.3.9 or later.

CorroboreeServer Icon CorroboreeServer v1.0Universal Binary logo
If you're going to hold a Corroboree, you're going to need one copy of CorroboreeServer to host the Corroboree. This download is a fully functional demo, that times out after 10 minutes.
Requires: Mac OS X 10.3.9 or later.

Authoxy2 Icon Authoxy v3.6Universal Binary logo
If your Internet connection requires you to use a proxy which needs a username and password, Authoxy may be the solution to a seamless Internet experience. Authoxy runs locally as a proxy server to intercept HTTP and HTTPS requests, forwarding them on to your regular proxy with authentication details you define in a System Preference Pane. Such a process is required to use many web services (MacHelp, QuickTime, iTunes) behind a proxy requiring authentication.

Authoxy2 Icon Authoxy v3.4.1Universal Binary logo
This is an older version of Authoxy for those running Mac OS X 10.2 - 10.4 (Jaguar, Panther or Tiger).

Authoxy Icon Authoxy v1.2
This is an older version of Authoxy for those running Mac OS X 10.1 - 10.1.5

lxAuthoxy Icon lxAuthoxy v3.1.1
lxAuthoxy is a support program to Authoxy, which runs as a plug-in to Location X. Location X brings back the functionality of the pre-OS X Location Manager, allowing you to define sets of preferences (called locations) which can easily switch between. lxAuthoxy adds the ability to switch Authoxy settings.

AppleScript Icon CrossWordLookup
If you have a half finished crossword and an answer you can't figure out, enter the pattern of letters and spaces into this tiny AppleScript to get a list of words that match.

Widget Icon XwordLookup Widget 1.5
This Dashboard Widget gives you speedy access to clues for finishing your crossword. Enter the letters you have and the ones you don't to get a list of words that could fit.
Suitable for Mac OS X Tiger, Leopard and Snow Leopard.
A French user has been kind enough to provide a French dictionary. He says it is "the latest Official French Scrabble dictionary and is public domain". Uncompress the download and then in XwordLookup, click the little i in the bottom right corner to change the path of the dictionary file. For example, if you put the uncompressed file, odsLower, in your home directory, change the path to "/Users/yourname/odsLower".

AppleScript Icon Find Library Music Folder Inconsistencies
This AppleScript can be used alongside iTunes to locate the files in your Music folder which aren't in your iTunes Library and vice-versa.