Heath is proud to be working alongside SMS.ac as a Pod Pioneer!

Pods are web applications, which are small programs that can be run in a web browser, delivered through SMS.ac's interface. SMS.ac provides a customisable Profile page (or "Mobile Homepage") for registered users, and that is where you browse and optionally subscribe to the Pods. Registering and creating a Mobile Homepage is free, and the fees for subscribing to a Pod are charged to your mobile phone bill. Pods have a "mobile" element and can optionally send updates, alerts and valuable messages directly to your phone.

This is definitely an exciting project, with lots of potential. Currently, there is one Pod available from HRSoftWorks, but more are likely to appear. To view Heath's profile, click here.


Whiteboard Pod
Draw on your own whiteboard using your mouse. Annotate pictures, draw a diagram, add a moustache to a picture of your female boss, or show off your creative ability. Then save your work as a public image, or send it to a friend. See what others have drawn and leave hand drawn messages for your friends.
Whiteboard Pod Screenshot