Dec31 A new version of the free and indispensable XwordLookup Dashboard Widget is now available. A bug that make the widget unresponsive has been fixed, the text and background have been tuned for legibility, and results that are too long will no longer run over the bottom of the widget. Get it now from the Products page.

Feb13 Authoxy 3.6 is here with a brand new PAC script compilation engine. There's a few other minor improvements thrown in so why not grab your copy today? As usual, check the "Products" page.

Sep28 Authoxy 3.5 is out, new with Snow Leopard support. Authoxy is now delivered in full 64bit goodness. Recommended update for all Leopard and Snow Leopard users.

Apr12 HRSoftWorks is very excited to announce the launch of a new project this week. The share accommodation website business has been poorly served in Australia, so rather than lamenting about it, PlacesToLive was created. The site is designed to combine ease of use and the power of Google Maps to bring about a fast, friendly and useful directory of housemate and flatmate advertisements.

Jan13 Authoxy, the resilient little proxy utility, has reached version 3.4.1. Contained within are some critical bug fixes for NTLM users and some nice-to-haves for everyone else.

Aug22 HRSoftWorks 3.0 arrives! The new website has been in development for a while, and has been launched today to coincide with the release of Corroboree 1.0. Please poke around and let the webmaster (link in footer) know of any gripes you have.