7th March, 2008 Big changes are afoot at HRSoftWorks. A sophisticated and thorough update to Authoxy has been made, while projects ramp up behind the scenes. Watch this space!

15th April, 2006 While work continues on the 1.0 release of Corroboree, in the meantime improvements have been made to Authoxy worthy of a release. Grab version 3.2.5 today which fixes starting problems related to libraries not being found, adds an option to allow external connections to Authoxy, and applies a fix to the verbose logging option to satisfy changes in the operating system's logging facility.

19th February, 2006 Thanks partly to some timely work by the Mozilla team, Authoxy is now available as a Universal Binary. That means all you lucky souls with the new Intel based Macs will now be able run Authoxy, just as the current PPC based Macs can. Grab version 3.2 if you want to join the Universal revolution! By the way, Corroboree was designed to be Universal from the beginning, so there are no concerns there.

5th February, 2006 The result of two years behind the scenes development work is now available to the public for the first time. Check out Corroboree on the Products page. The network collaboration solution for classrooms, lectures, meetings and businesses has arrived.

26th July, 2005 A small update to XWordLookup, bringing it to version 1.3. Worked around an Apple overflow bug which caused the widget to freeze if the output was too long.

13th May, 2005 Thanks for the feedback on XwordLookup - especially for all the hate mail about its terrible interface! I know, I know, I continue to break all the basic graphic design rules. Well I had another go - check out XwordLookup 1.2: the background is more subtle, with a nice lens flare effect; the font is clearer and the spacing updated; I've also added some checks on the dictionary file specified, to make sure it is available and suitable; and you can now have spaces in the name (the path is now double quoted for those UNIX folk out there). More personally, a small plug to the GIMP, which is perfect for a graphic design novice hacker like me and helping create my fabulous displays of art, and a note that all my Widget testing is on a 12" PowerBook, using young, forgiving eyes, and I don't have any trouble reading the text. Of course, if you do, let me know! I'm sure you will ;)

10th May, 2005 The XwordLookup widget is receiving a bit of attention, and Tiger is now available to the public, so I thought I'd spruce it up a smidgen. Version 1.1 is a bit nicer, and the download should no longer dump ugly text in your browser.

6th April, 2005 Another little download to keep you going until The Next Big Thing. The CrossWordLookup AppleScript from a few weeks ago has been wrapped up as a Dashboard Widget. Dashboard is part of Tiger (Mac OS X 10.4), Apple's upcoming OS release. That means unless you happen to have developer access to a Tiger seed, the Widget is not going to be a great deal of use to you just yet. In that case, you have less than two months until Apple release Tiger to the public and you can try this goodie for yourself.

15th March, 2005 Much work continues at HRSoftWorks on The Next Big Thing. In the mean time, two small, free AppleScripts that you may find useful have been posted to the Products page.

29th October, 2004 Authoxy 3.1.2 is out! This release has trickled out thanks to the requests and background work of users. NTLM support in some situations has been improved, startAuthoxy issues have been resolved, and a couple of cosmetic improvements have been implemented.

1st May, 2004 Quite a few changes are happening under the hood at HRSoftWorks. What do you think of the website revamp? The exciting news is the decision to make Authoxy open source software. Check out the Open Source page for details. For any developers considering or currently using the Mac OS X platform, Authoxy's developer, Heath, is guest speaking at the Apple Australia Developer Roadshow for the next two weeks. If you can get to a presentation (there's one in most Australian captial cities and in Auckland) it should be well worth a look.

19th February, 2004 Authoxy 3.1.1 is out! Just a couple of bug fixes and improvements here, with the most significant being the re-enabling of secure site support. Also new is a release of lxAuthoxy, the plug-in for Location X, which brings it up to speed with the current version of Authoxy.

16th February, 2004: Authoxy 3.1 is out! A number of improvements in this release. NTLM authentication should now support many more clients; no more "unknown port" messages; PAC script server fallback is implemented; DIRECT connections with port specifications are enabled; and startAuthoxy can now prompt for credentials when it is run.

16th January, 2004: Authoxy 3.0 is out! After pouring over the various bits of unofficial documentation for NTLM for almost 3 weeks straight, HRSoftWorks is very excited to release the first version of Authoxy with NTLM support. All those people (and from your emails, I know there is a lot!) who are stuck behind MS Proxies, or ISA Servers, give this one a go. I hope it helps you out.
And please, just a reminder, if Authoxy is useful, is does have a price. I've put a substantial amount of time into this release, and for the first time, have no practical use for the result! If you could spare the small shareware fee, I would be most grateful.
NTLM users be wary though, NTLM is huge, and I fully expect I didn't cover everything in the first release. Please consult the ReadMe for details. A number of smaller bug fixes in this one as well.

30th December, 2003: Authoxy 2.3 is out! Just in time for New Years, this release marks the re-assembly of the Authoxy project file from the ground up. All the functionality remains the same, but now support for Jaguar is finally fixed (the last few releases were a little embarrassing in that regard), and future improvements can concentrate on the code rather than the format of the project. Happy New Years!

22nd December, 2003: Authoxy 2.2.5 is out! Hopefully this will fix a few of the niggling things from 2.2. Support for Jaguar is improved, installation is more forgiving, and a hard to find bug that may have been preventing you from using PAC support has been squashed. Merry Christmas everyone!

7th December, 2003: Authoxy 2.2 is out! The quickest turn around yet I believe, which is more surprising given there was a house move during the week, and no Internet access at home! PAC support is much improved in this version, and support for older libraries was re-established.

30th November, 2003: Authoxy 2.1 is out! This release fixes a bug which surfaced in the release version of Panther. Additionally, Authoxy is now being developed on Panther, with the new tools and compiler.

15th October, 2003: HRSoftWorks is very happy to release Authoxy v2.0. This version adds the long awaited automatic proxy configuration (PAC file) support. There are a number of other visible and under the hood improvements as well. Check out the downloads page. Please note that version 2.0 no longer supports Mac OS X prior to 10.2. This move was very much resisted, but finally decided upon for the sake of delivering something useful to users of the current OS. There is a surprising amount of work involved in supporting 10.1. Nonetheless, if you would really like to see the new features made available for 10.1, drop Heath a line and do some pleading!

23rd September, 2003: HRSoftWorks has its own domain! Welcome to HRSoftWorks.net. The site is now hosted with a commercial package meaning faster updates and less down time than ever before.

15th June, 2003: Authoxy 1.2 released! Not to be confused with 1.1.2, 1.2 contains a significant reworking of the connection handling algorithm. The big news for a lot of people is that HTTPS is officially supported! For others, many things should work much smoother, but as always, check the change log in the Readme for details. Work has begun on .pac Automatic Proxy Configuration support.

1st June, 2003: Well, well, well! This is the first update for a long time, but many things have been going on behind the scenes. There are now two mailing lists associated with HRSoftWorks, one for announcements and one for support. Please take advantage of these (check the About page), since they are designed to reduce the time spent replying to emails, and increase the time that can be spent on development! Authoxy 1.1.2 has also been released, which has a number of small improvements (details in the ReadMe as always). Work has begun on some more advanced features, such as automatic configuration, HTTPS/SSL support, and eventually, NTLM support!

15th March, 2003: Authoxy 1.1.0 has been released. HRSoftWorks is happy to report that OS X 10.1.x users are supported once again! Sincere apologies for overlooking you in the past.

4th March, 2003: lxAuthoxy 1.1.1 released. I'm quietly confident the teething problems of the first couple of versions have been ironed out!

3rd March, 2003: Authoxy V1.0.5 has been released. Couple of minor changes, and a long standing crashing bug was squished.

2nd March, 2003: Many apologies for the embarrassing web page problems over the last week. Things have been very hectic around here, and things were breaking all over the place. The situation is very much more settled now, so updates to the software and this web site should come along a lot smoother. Expect some changes, and thanks for your patience!

23rd February, 2003: Authoxy V1.0.1 has been released, which just fixes some minor, mainly textual problems with the 1.0.0 release - that will probably be the last time HRSoftWorks releases a product at 4 in the morning.

15th February, 2003: Location X is a nifty application from Alex Keresztes and Greg Novick which brings back the functionality of the Location Manager from OS 9. For those of who routinely find yourself changing Authoxy preferences to represent a new network, HRSoftWorks has released a plug-in for Location X which supports Authoxy. Check the Products page.

14th February, 2003: Apologies to the large number of visitors to this site who were unable to find the new version of Authoxy. HRSoftWorks is continuing to have a couple of little host troubles. Thanks to the shareware fee from a couple of users, we have a new host! This means quicker updates for you, and less headaches for me! Oh yeah, happy Valentine's Day, I forgot all about it amongst the excitement!

12th February, 2003: HRSoftWorks is very excited to release Authoxy 1.0.0. This version is the first to loose the 'pre-release' status, and carries the largest under the hood changes since Authoxy's birth. After much thought, Authoxy 1.0.0 was released under the Shareware model, since the time required to support and develop the project has surpassed that which can be reasonably completed without financial compensation. Please consider the suggested prices, available in the accompanying Readme. In this release: iTunes' CDDB and software update fixed, along with much more. Coming soon: automatic proxy configuration (.pac files) and support for MS Proxy/NTLM networks. Much more detail available in the Readme.

18th January, 2003: Added a support page with FAQ's about Authoxy.

17th January, 2003: After a day or two offline with major web host troubles, HRSoftWorks is back online with a new host. A huge thanks goes to the guys at Whirlpool for offering a big, timely helping hand.

23rd December, 2002: HRSoftWorks is proud to announce the arrival of Authoxy 1.0.0rc, just in time for Christmas! This release fixes a number of bugs and adds a couple of features many users were asking for. Check the Products page for the download.

13th December, 2002: After many disruptive breaks, work is nearing completion on a release candidate for Authoxy. Expect version 1.0.0rc by Christmas.

16th October, 2002: hrsoftworks.hopto.org surpasses 1000 hits! Thank you all for your support.

15th October, 2002: HRSoftWorks gets a new web host. Hope no one misses that ugly banner ad!

11th October, 2002: Authoxy gets a mention at the Apple University Consortium Annual General Meeting. Well received!

8th October, 2002: hrsoftworks.hopto.org totals over 230 page hits.

8th October, 2002: Authoxy submitted to VersionTracker. 26 downloads in the first couple of hours, with no announcement by HRSoftWorks! Early reviews are extremely pleasing.

5th October, 2002: HRSoftWorks has released Authoxy! Check the products page for details.

3rd October, 2002: HRSoftWorks founded, web site created.