Frequently Asked Questions about Authoxy

Q When I try to download Authoxy, I get a page of gobble-de-gook on my screen. Is this your idea of an installation process?
A Try a different browser or control click on the download link and choose "Save link as..." or equivalent. You should end up with a downloaded disk image which you can install from.

Q I can't stop Authoxy from starting! Restarting doesn't help. Why is Authoxy so stubborn?
A You've had an older version installed which had the 'seemed-like-a-good-idea-at-time' feature of creating a folder in your /Library/StartupItems folder for Authoxy. Later versions do not use this, so please delete the Authoxy folder in the StartupItems folder.

Q Authoxy and I just aren't getting along, so I need to remove is completely. How do I achieve that?
A Remove all of these, if they exist:

  • /Library/PreferencePanes/Authoxy.prefPane
  • /Applications/startAuthoxy
  • ~/Library/Preferences/net.hrsoftworks.AuthoxyPref.plist
  • /tmp/

Q I've followed the directions but nothing happens when I click 'Start Authoxy'. What in god's name is wrong with this thing?
A Check the Messages tab. The reason for Authoxy not starting should be there. Make sure you get the latest version of Authoxy from the web and install that.

Q Authoxy seems to be working fairly well, but my favourite .Mac stuff / iCal / online banking / web form site doesn't work properly. What's wrong?
A Make sure you have the latest version first. Then, please submit a bug report, including any information that appears in the Messages tab. In the meantime, you can try unchecking the Web Proxy entry in System Preferences->Network->Proxies to see if you can access the service directly.

Q System Preferences 'unexpectedly quits' whenever I try to access the Authoxy pane. This makes it rather difficult to use, what can I do?
A You've found a bug! Please do Authoxy a big favour, and email the 'System Preferences.crash.log' file, which should be in your Library/Logs/CrashReporter folder, to here.

Q Mmm, it's okay, but can you add support for FTP / SOCKS / Kerberos?
A Authoxy will continue to improve and develop its breadth of support. If you have a specific request, please don't hesitate to email. Authoxy is also open source, so the opportunity is there to add any features you like! Several people have already showed interested in helping develop SOCKS support for example.

Q Hey, Authoxy appears to be spawning daemons left, right and centre here. I've got more than 20 daemons! What's up with that?
A While Authoxy will only queue up to 10 requests, if connections are being handled by running daemons and something keeps requesting more connections, Authoxy will spawn as many daemons as needed, up to the maximum number of processes your system allows. Unless you are doing something odd, or some application you are using is getting confused (even Authoxy possibly, but I doubt it :) and going crazy requesting connections, you shouldn't really see more than about 20-30 daemons running. If your experience is contrary to that, do tell me about it.

Q Why has my "system log grown too large to parse reliably"?
A Authoxy writes the occasional comment about its life to the same system log used by every one else. It's located at /var/log/system.log and can get quite large. Once it's over 750kB, Authoxy gives up trying to search through it for its own messages. The log will automatically be cleaned up by the system, but only if your computer is on at 3:15am. In Leopard and later, the system will catch up on missed maintenance tasks, otherwise you might want to try leaving the computer on overnight so it can perform its duties.