Corroboree is a collaboration application for schools, universities, businesses and groups. Use it next time you are having a meeting to realise the power and simplicity of having a Corroboree.

Communication ToolsEverything you need, nothing you don't
Share your voice, your drawings, your files and your screen. You can even set up a poll. No deep menus to navigate - all the controls are right where you need them.

CorroborantsParticipation is key
See at a glance who is participating in your Corroboree and what their role is. Send a private message, or if it's your Corroboree, boot unruly participants out!

Control ToolsTake control, share control
Just like in orderly gatherings, only one person has control of a Corroboree at a time. Pass control to someone else by honouring their request.

Click the image below for a screenshot. But honestly, it's a lot more fun to just download Corroboree and try it out.

Corroboree Screenshot
Why Corroboree?
  • Save on travel and join a meeting where ever you are.
  • Avoid the meeting room shuffle - with Corroboree there's no need to book. Just fire it up and start collaborating.
  • No Internet connection required, no on-going subscription fees and no expensive per-user fees.
  • Don't say it, draw it. A picture is worth a thousand words, and with Corroboree's Whiteboarding tools you'll be saving a lot of words.
  • Sell your projector and present straight from your computer. Screen sharing allows you to show whatever is on your screen.
  • Maintain order with Corroboree's user control system. Power to lead the Corroboree can be requested, granted and revoked.

How to get started:
  • Download Corroboree from the Products page.
  • To host your own Corroboree, grab a copy of Corroboree Server as well.
  • Start the Corroboree and click Join.
  • If you don't want to set up your own server, just send a blank email with "Evaluation" as the subject and an evaluation server will be enabled for you. The details will be emailed back to you as soon as possible.
  • Enjoy!
  • When you're ready, use the CorroboreeServer application to host your own Corroboree.

More questions? Check the Frequently Asked Questions.